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Hello, I’m Corey Franklin

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I have been growing Instagram accounts full-time for the past 2 years. Both personal and brand accounts. My own and client accounts. I initially got into Instagram like everyone else, just posting pics that I took or were something I wanted to do. I then created a travel account that quickly turned into a passion for sharing inspirational travel photos and quickly grew to 100k+ followers. It was around 97K followers that I realized other people wanted to learn this and grow their audience on Instagram as well. That’s when I started helping people through growth strategies I was using and sharing a small few paragraph ebook with them.. fast forward to now and I have had the privilege to work with some startup brands as well as larger brands, helping them create exposure to a new audience, which led to leads, collaborations, network opportunities, sales and more.  Recently I have been focusing more on Instagram Consulting & Growth Services. Check out some of the results below that I have been able to achieve.

Instagram Consulting

I examine the clients account looking over all aspects of it. I look at the profile photo, bio, highlights, and content. I then put together a strategic plan of action that they can use to stand out and begin growing their account with a targeted following that is genuinely interested in their content. This plan of action is based around organic methods

Instagram Account Growth

I have been able successfully grow my very own niche account (@travellifeaway) to 100k+ following, while growing a client account from 33 followers to over 55k+ followers. I help influencers, and brands reach more people and grow their following organically by using the proper engagement methods and hashtags that get their content infront of their target audience.

Grow Your
Instagram Audience

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So why Instagram?

Instagram has become one of the fastest growing social media platforms as well as one of the top!

There are hundreds of millions if not a billion of monthly users, which is growing every month.

Over 2 million of those being advertisers spending money.

Your audience is unlimited, ranging from teens to 50+ being active on Instagram.

Users are more likely to purchase on Instagram due to being visually connected to the brand or products.

Around 80% of people like it when they can see the product and click it to view more info/purchase.

Instagram has a high conversion rate due to users being able to view products more easily. The carousel photo effect helps create a more visual experience.

You have a higher chance of creating organic reach/growth on Instagram compared to other Social Media platforms.

Instagram Consulting

Strategic Action Plan & Strategy Sessions

Growing on Instagram can be a struggle especially if you don’t have the time to put into it. Not to mention knowing the right strategies to grow an account safely so that you can avoid being banned or worse by Instagram. That is where I come in. I can shorten that time of trial and error by handing you customized to your account strategic action plan and getting on a 1-on-1 strategy/consulting session with you. You’ll also be getting my ebook & short course on what strategies I have used to grow, the tools I use, and free updates as I update it.

Strategic Action Plan:
Upon acceptance, I will be providing you with a guide from the data I was able to gain in the analyzation of your account that you can use to begin improving your overall account appearance, your account weaknesses, and steps that you can use to increase your results on Instagram. You will be getting my top strategy plan for growing an account organically with both free & paid methods. You will also have access to me on Facebook so that you can reach me via message.

Strategy Sessions:
We will be able to connect in a variety of ways thanks to the internet. 😉 When we connect we will be going over everything inside of the action plan that I will be giving you and how you can implement the action plan quickly to start gaining results. I know how precious our time is, so the session won’t be long. If need be we can discuss another session if it is needed.

Use the button below to apply for my consulting service and be sure to answer all of the questions to better help with the analyzation and acceptance of your account.


Instagram Account Growth

Monthly Instagram Account & Growth Management

Don’t have the time to grow an Instagram account?.. or maybe you don’t know how and just want to outsource it? On a month-to-month subscription I can help your brand or business grow consistently. (If you’re happy with the results, you renew your subscription for another month.)

I take time to engage with real targeted people that are most likely to follow your account and engage back. I research the proper hashtags specifically for your content and account to maxumize potential reach and likelihood of landing on the explore page of Instagram. Monthly reports so you know the detailed insights/analytics of your growth and my service.

Use the button below to apply for my account growth service and be sure to answer all of the questions to increase your chance of claiming one of the limited spots.

(*I have limited spots for growth management so I can deliver the best possible results I can to the clients by having more time to focus on the growth of the account.)


“In one month I have been able to grow from 469 to 1,582! That’s 1,113 followers! For me, that is amazing! I’ve gained good views on videos and good interactions. Thank you Corey for your help and advice!”

Brooke N.
“I wasn’t completely foreign to the concept but you taught me strategies I never realized.”
Austin L.
“When I implemented what I was able to learn from you on my feed. My engagement almost doubled. I went from around 200 likes to over 450 on the last few posts! Thanks a lot!”
Thomas S.

Past Results I’ve Gained

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4.2 IG SB Follow Proof


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