10 Marketing Skills Every Struggling Marketer Should Work On

From New Marketer To Pro Marketer

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I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you the 10 skills that I believe each and every marketer needs to work on. We all start somewhere and when we do start, it can be tough and can be stressful with out the proper guidance and training. With out working on your skills and not taking time to grow your personal development… you will more times than not, end in failure. That is why it is important that you work on yourself and skills so that you can grow and become that pro that you want to become! When you are a pro, you can help your team or clients get what they want as well, by teaching them how.

So we’re diving into the 10 skills below..

10 Marketing Skills Every Struggling Marketer Should Work On

Just to remind you, these 10 skills are in my opinion and some other marketers may feel different or suggest different skills you want to work on. The reason I am sharing these with you is because I feel that with them, a new marketer can gain momentum much faster and start earning as well.

(No particular order, besides #1.)

10 Marketing Skills

  1. Mindset: I believe that every struggling marketer in this industry should first work on his or hers own mindset before they can truly start to see success. Your mindset is very important because with it, you can create anything you want and bring it into reality with enough action.
  2. Vision: I feel that vision goes hand and hand with mindset because with vision, people can see themselves already doing something that they want to do.. they can seem themselves doing what they dream of.
  3. Planning/Creating Goals: With vision, comes planning or creating goals based on that vision. These goals will help you turn that vision into reality and help you live it. Always be creating goals to crush, daily ones, weekly ones, monthly ones, etc.
  4. Action: Of course you will never see it if you don’t take consistent action towards crushing your goals and creating new ones when one is done. Always be taking some kind of action towards crushing your goals and moving forward in life and business!
  5. Relationship Building: Work on your relationship skills. It is important, some may say it isn’t but I disagree with them. I feel it is important to work on your relationship skills because it is important to build a relationship with clients, if you want a long-term relationship.
  6. Adaptability: You have to be able to adapt to how things change. You have to be able to go with the flow so to speak.
  7. Leadership: Leadership is something every person wants. You want to be able to share what you learn with everyone and teach them how to do it as well. Lead people to the results that they want and you will get what you want.
  8. Sales Skills: Sales is very important, because you have to be able to sell what you have or are part of for a product or service. Without sales skills or sales knowledge you will not know how to get the prospects interest in what it is you have.
  9. Closing Skills: With sales skills, comes closing. You need to be able to close the sale, with out this skill you will only get random sign ups or sales and will never know how to truly duplicate what it is you have done to get that random.
  10. Last one is to always be learning, want to learn. Read books, go through training, audios, videos, etc. Make sure to educate yourself daily and work on your personal development. Wisdom is very powerful!

Now that you know these 10 skills, you can start to develop them more on your own time, just be sure to continually work on them. Consistency is a key!

Growing Your Skills

Now that you know 10 skills that I believe each marketer should work on to grow not only themselves, but those around them as well… you can start to really thrive and build your business on or offline.

Share these skills with others that you feel could work on bettering their own skills.

If you are looking to learn more about marketing and growing your skills, jump in and get started HERE..

To an abundant lifestyle,
Co-Founder of ALL – Corey Franklin

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