10 Things That Will Never Fail You

10 Things That Will Never Fail You!

Hey there, hope you are having a blessed day and it has been amazing so far.

Before I go into sharing these 10 Things with you, I wanted to tell you that these are truly 10 things that will not fail you if you stay committed to doing it every day! This will be a quick 15 minute read!

So jumping right into it… These are 10 things I believe in that I will never compromise on.

  1. Honesty, I won’t lie and I will not be lied to. If I am lied to and find out, can count on it being the last time we discuss anything of any importance. Trust is gone when your honestly with me or anyone I associate with is broken.
  2. Integrity, is doing what’s right no matter who is around you and no matter who can see you. Always doing what is right will get you far!
  3. Hard work. With hard work you can out work everyone and crush past results, very important! Don’t get to comfortable to where you start to work less diligently.
  4. Be nice, being nice will get you further than being rude. Proven fact. You can be assertive with out being rude, you can close bluntly with out being rude. Big difference.
  5. Be excellent at what you do, work your ass off until you get to where you want and than work some more.
  6. Always exceed expectations, never under deliver. Always set a goal to over deliver. People expect you to fail, exceed their expectations.
  7. Spend less than you earn, don’t spend it as fast as you earn it. I learned this the hard way, but thankful of what I was able to learn from past experiences.
  8. This goes with #7. Save. Learn to save more than you spend because you will be better off in case of emergencies or mishaps.
  9. Be charitable with you talent, you tine, and your money, etc. Time is one of the most important things you can give away and be charitable with.
  10. Last thing.. Have a sense of humor, it will go along way if you know when to laugh and add in a spur of the moment joke.

I do hope that you got some great value from this and see that these 10 things are already in each and every person. You just need to know how to use it.

To an abundant lifestyle,
Corey Franklin

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