4 Reasons I Believe The Industry Has Changed

4 Reasons I Believe The Industry Has Changed

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So diving right into today’s short post. I want to share “4 Reasons I Believe The Industry Has Changed“!

I believe that before it was the era of sales and selling but I now believe that it has changed. I often see a ton of people still going by the old way to build their business and grow their customer base, pushing for a sale, pushing for a sale and most times placing their info or link everywhere. Things have evolved from that era into a new era of marketing and building a business through sales. Lets take a look at what I am talking about.

Today people are still beating the prospect to death with information when 75% of the people we prospect hit up their best friend “Google” and ask what “Your Company or Opportunity” may be about, or what it has to offer, or what the price is. So with that said most of the people you talk with have their mind made up before you even follow up with them. So how do you get around that?

These 4 Reasons Will Help You!

  1. Relationships
    Growing a business is about fostering trust and relationships, not pushing product. The goal is to show the value of the product and build a relationship with the customer. The only thing that matters is the customer’s success. If you are selfish you will never see the success that you envision you will because in this industry, it is the customer that creates the long term success for you. Yes you can create success for yourself but not as sustainable.
  2. Authenticity
    People crave honest suggestions, and can tell when someone is pushing an agenda. They do not want to be pushed into buying something, especially a product that is a poor fit. Being authentic accelerates personal and business growth and the value that is created for everyone involved. Sp be real and be genuine!
  3. Collaboration
    It’s much more exciting to collaborate to understand the customer’s needs vs. making a disjointed pitch when there is a bad fit. In the ALL Movement, we share inspiration and teach our team to love helping people and to look at being their solution to their problem as that will go a lot further than a product will ever go. People love people that they can work with and collaborate with, create strategies and mastermind on creating the teams next biggest move. It’s rewarding to everyone that has them all feeling energized and motivated to crush goals. 
  4. Information
    Today’s customer can easily research an entire marketplace in minutes. This brings transparency to a process that was previously veiled. And this applies to everything from buying a car to new software. They don’t need someone to connect them with products anymore. What they do need is to be engaged, surprised, and delighted on their own terms. More simply put, connect with them share what you are doing, and close them. 

Closing someone is more or less where you want to focus more of your training on. Anyone can sell, it is about sharing an idea or vision. Closing is much more difficult but not hard. It just takes the right guidance.

Anyways, wanted this to be a short post so with that said I hope that you got value from these 4 reasons I believe the industry has changed and how they can help you change as well.

To an abundant lifestyle,
Corey Franklin

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