4 Ways To Grow Your Business

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Just a little about me if you don’t know who I am already.

Corey Franklin and I have been creating and growing my business online for close to 4 years. I started out just like everyone else, clueless, not knowing what to do or who to trust… I lost a lot of money that first year, but I am thankful I was able to find a sponsor to guide me in the right direction. HELPING PEOPLE & THEIR BUSINESSES, PROVIDING REAL VALUE!.. Sorry caps got stuck there.. 😉

Since then my love of life Brooke Neari, and I have been able to go to events, go on vacations we never thought we would, hit leaderboards we never thought we would be on, win prizes and more.

Went on to create my very first product, that helped others break free of their fear of videos and start gaining real results with them. Over 300 videos of value, training, and helpful content. Helped countless people grow their business already and plan to continue to do so!

I have since then, hired a mentor and got connected with an amazing circle of entrepreneurs and started to really develop and grow my brand.

Now myself, Brooke and 2 other amazing co-founders have come together and we have been working diligently on our very own community called the ALL Mastermind. Aside from that Brooke and myself have another community where we are helping people as well and that is free to get inside, you will find more about that at the end of this post!

Alright enough.. right! Hahaha.. on to the value that will help you start growing your business.

Growing Your Business

As I said above I started out just like everyone else and it took me some time to realize and learn that there was a MUCH better way to go about it so that I could really start growing my business and legacy that I want to leave behind.

Providing value and helping people with their business will in return grow your business.

So this is one of my formula’s I use and teach to my students to help them start getting exposure and standing out from the average marketers. I call it I.L.I.T. which is short for Invest, Learn, Implement, Teach! We will break each one down and I also have a replay of a webinar I did on it for you!

I. = Invest

Investing in yourself!

It is important that you invest in yourself, your skills and education so that you can continue to grow your business. You want to be investing time just as much as money, reading, audios, webinars, training’s etc… As you continue to invest in yourself you will continue to learn more.

L. = Learn

Through investing in yourself comes learning, and learning is important because if you don’t learn to grow, you just don’t grow. But how do you grow from simply learning? You have to start implementing what you learn.

I. = Implement

As you learn more, you will want to implement it with action and continue to do so until you start getting results. This is where a lot of people go wrong because they never take the action necessary to implement what they learn to grow their business. Once you start get a consistent flow of results you can teach others.

T. = Teach

Once you have enough results and know how about what you are doing, you can start to teach it in your own words with your own results. This is where you really start to stand out from the average marketer because instead of spamming links all over the place, you are providing value to your following and those who see your value. Just like in this post, I am providing MASS VALUE to you so you can turn around and implement what you learn and re-teach it in your own words.

Alright so below is a more in depth replay of the webinar I did. Enjoy!

I.L.I.T. Webinar Replay

Hope you got some amazing value from this post and can now go out and create some great content of your own.

Be Real, Be Great,
Corey Franklin – Legacy Marketer

P.S. It is hard growing your business alone, and as I said above, we created a group for anyone wanting a community or training or help gaining exposure and growing their business.

You Can Join The Group By Following The Picture Below Or Clicking HERE!

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