Adopted Goals

Your Goals Vs Adopted Goals

Hey there hope you are having another great day this week! Happy Tuesday to you!
This is going to be a shorter post, but keep in mind that damn near every post that I do is geared to help people move forward as well!

I wanted to take a few minutes of your day to share with you something I learned yesterday that never occurred to me. Something that is important to everyone creating goals. Now many of us have goals and some of us don’t which is fine if you are happy with life, but for those of us with goals… you may have never realized it but they may not even be your own goals?? “Well what do I mean?”
Have you ever thought about it and just looked at your goals? Are they actually in your best interest or something that you think about on a daily basis? Are they something that you ultimately want in the end result?

These are questions that you must ask yourself to see past the shell of the goal and at the reason behind the goal, the why of the goals… Goals are based on things we want, our “WHY’S” in life that keep us ticking or keep us climbing for the top.

Adopted Goals

So what are adopted goals? Well adopted goals are something that I learned about yesterday and were actually something that I never realized people had or I have even made in the past. A lot of people have adopted goals I’m sure, but they don’t realize it either. That is what this blog is for, to help you realize it, really step back look at your goals and determine whether they are yours or not!

So adopted goals are goals that are picked up over time or pressed onto you by someone or something else. It is not your fault it is the way we are raised, to listen, to do what we are told, to not follow our imagination, and so on… Think about it really hard, do you have goals that aren’t necessarily yours? Maybe one that you had since you were a kid about having a certain career or being a sports star? There are tons of people that have goals that they didn’t come up with or set for themselves, but instead have acquired or “adopted” them. If you really want to be successful than you want to write down your own goals and start planning for your own future and not the future of those that press their beliefs and goals down on you.

Start working on this right away. Start writing down new goals that you thought of, get a daily planner to help you plan each day towards crushing that goal.

Here is another video that I did talking about goals and how to Plan Your Success through them.

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To an abundant lifestyle,
Corey Franklin

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