AZ Beast Review – $0.00 – $0.02 Clicks

Are You Getting Clicks For As Low As $0.00?

Hey there, Corey Franklin here, I hope that you are doing great! Been a great week for me, got a lot done, learned a great amount and have started to coach others as well… so it has been a fulfilling week for me, as well as team members and students.

In between that I have had ads running for me on autopilot creating leads, sales, and even new clients. These ads are running for me on autopilot for DIRT CHEAP!! I am running them on $1-$2/Day… and getting hundreds of likes, comments and shares, not to mention the new leads and sales I have been able to get as well.

Before I go into sharing all of the results with you, let me share a little about what it was like before I learned what I learned from the training inside AZ Beast.

Before I Started Getting $0.00 – $0.02 Cent Clicks…

Before I started getting the CHEAP clicks, I was getting results… but they were really bad results compared to the ones I can get now because of what I have been able to learn from AZ Beast!

Maybe this is you, getting fed up with the fact that you keep paying for ads and getting NO results at all from them…? I mean I know that was me when I got started with ads up until I learned how to really run an ad for cheap and sell Amazon, and other Affiliate offers, even tees…

So lets look at before I started getting these results.

Here is when I first got started with ads on Facebook…



As you can see, I wasn’t getting the best results. At one point I actually spent $20 on a measly 20 clicks. NOT GOOD!!

Then I started to look up free videos and apply what they were teaching me in those and I surprisingly gained better results in a short period of time.


After I Went Through AZ Beast!

Than shortly after that I decided to get AZ Beast by Jermaine Steele, so I could learn how to start getting better results while selling tees, and affiliate products or even cpa offers… and these are the results I 1st got as soon as I applied what I had learned from his training.


After a couple of more ads, I was able to create an ad that got me some AMAZING results…


As you can see above, I was able to get that $0.00 engagement and clicks at one point of this ad, because I have over 680+ engagements for only $5.94. Those are REALLY GOOD results that everyone wants because it means DIRT CHEAP TARGETED TRAFFIC!

So What’s Inside Of AZ Beast!?

Everything You Get...

With that said, you are going to want to take action on this right away and get in before the price goes up again!! Go ahead and click –> AZ BEAST <– Now to get in!… Or click the button below!

Get Instant Access


To an abundant lifestyle,
Corey Franklin

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