Internet Lifestyle Network’s Affiliate Contest


Internet Lifestyle Network’s Affiliate Contest In today’s video I share with you all the Internet Lifestyle Network’s 1st Affiliate Contest! I wanted to share it with you all because I am so pumped up about taking action and going hard Continue reading Internet Lifestyle Network’s Affiliate Contest

Mirroring Prospects


Mirroring Prospects In this video I talk about mirroring prospects and how it is important and will help you along the way with your recruiting. See mirroring is important because it is like an insta-rapport builder in my eyes. I Continue reading Mirroring Prospects

Width Versus Depth


The Width Of Your Organization Hey there, in this blog post/ video I will be talking about the width of your team and the depth of your team and which is most important in the beginning of your journey online. Continue reading Width Versus Depth

Invisible Leadership Review


Invisible Leadership? Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my blog post about Invisible Leadership. So you might be asking yourself right now, “what is Invisible Leadership?” and in this blog I will explain everything to you. Continue reading Invisible Leadership Review

Understanding & Educating


Understanding & Educating Hey, to a great day, right?   In this blog post/video I will be talking about Understanding someone which is pretty much listening to someone and Educating them with a solution to their problem. This is going Continue reading Understanding & Educating

Your Social Profile


What Is A Social Profile Hello there and thank you for visiting my blog.  In this blog post/video I go over your social profile and some of the methods to setting it up properly so that you can stick out Continue reading Your Social Profile

My Blogging Routine


Are You Blogging? Hey there, great day! Corey Franklin here and in this blog post I want to share with you all my blogging routine but before I do I want to talk to you about your blog, if you Continue reading My Blogging Routine