However, there are still some things about Instagram that need the attention. Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions we get about Instagram.

Q: How do I get more engagement on Instagram?
A: There are a few ways you can go about getting more engagement on your content, but let’s just go over a couple of th emost popular methods. One way is that you can start reaching out and networking with others in your niche similar to your account size, asking them if they want to exchange engagement on each others post or if they have/would like to join a DM group for engagement purposes. The 2nd method that is most popular is using what a lot of us call “Power Services”. With power services, you can buy powerlikes from really big accounts in your niche and what those likes do is boost your chance of hitting the explore page.


Q: Is there an easier way to reply to messages?
A: There is. There are several websites and tools/softwares that offer automatic responses, handling your messages for you and more. However, you can create quick responses and use them whenever. Quick responses are convenient and help save a lot of time. Careful though, you don’t want to send to many messages with the same text over and over. You will get a temporary DM block and if you continue to abuse it, a possible permanent ban on using them.

Q: I think I am blocked or banned, how do I remove it?
A: This has been one of the most frequently asked questions we get. And the answer is never easy to give because there are so many different methods that have been don eby so many people. The best practice is to report a problem in Instagram settings and say that you’re post’s are not showing up. Some other methods people have used to get out of it is to do some paid ads, turn back to personal account or even private and lay low for a few days, stop using hashtags for awhile. There are other methods to but those oare among the most popular methods.

Q: Which hashtags are banned and shouldnt be used?
A: That is actually a bit hard to answer as they are ever changing and adding more and more. Obvious ones that have to do with sex, porn, drugs, most models ones, some countries, some marketing hashtags. Just use hashtags that are relevant to what you’re posting and to check if they are banned. Simply type in that hashtag and go to it, if it says that some content is hidden it is banned, and if no posts show up, it is banned.


Q: How to find good hashtags to use and is using all 30 good or bad?
A: Oh alright, 2 questions. 🙂 .. Well finding good hashtags is going to take some research. Find hashtags that you can rank in, check the top 9 and then find relevant hashtags to use. For the second, I use a max of 28 on some posts, but never have used 30. Some do and some don’t.


Q: What way would you recommend creating an ad?
A: I usually do it from the Facebooks ads manager, however have done it from IG itself. I seemed to get better results when doing it from Ads manager and creating my own audience. Hope that helps.


Q: Is follow/unfollow a great method?
A: Yes and no. Yes if done the right way and not over doing it. Over doing it can cause a problem for you when Instagram decides to block you from doing it temporarily and possibly even permanently.


Q: What kind of links can I add to my bio?
A: Really any links will work depending on them. Best practice is to get your own domain name and use that. However, some people use bit.ly and also use other shortners/trackers. Be careful when using some links, they will get you immediately action blocked.


Q: How should I structure my highlights?
A: It really depends on what you plan on showcasing. Most accounts showcase growth, money, lifestyle, tips, hacks, diy, etc. in their highlights. You can do FAQ’s, products, and more.


Q: Do you recommend doing IGTV’s?
A: Yes, they are not widley used right now and can be a great way to create additional exposure.


Q: How do I repost?
A: Another great question that we get asked a lot. You can use apps. Regrann is a great app on androids. Not sure if it is on Apple.


Q: Should I post more than once a day?
A: Yes, unless you’re really busy. Posting idealy 3 times a day. Some people post around 2 where other accounts post 10 a day. All preference. The more you post, the more likely you are to gain more followers.


Q: Best times to post?
A: Depends on your audience. You can find that out by using insights if you turn your account into a business account. You will see insights once you have at least 100 followers and are switched to a business account.


Q: When can I earn from shouts?
A: Any time really but you will mainly start to see an increase in people asking you once you hit 10K followers. There are also websites that you can create a profile on and sell shouts from it.


More questions you have to ask? Simply reach out and contact me by email or through social media.
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