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Uber is taking over the scene! More and more people are starting to use Uber, over Taxi’s! Maybe it is the simplicity of Uber, maybe the fact that the rides are better, cheaper, or many of other reasons!

Free Uber Ride

What Is Uber

Uber is the next generation of Taxi’s… only way better in my opinion. Now we all have our different opinions and yes some people may not like Uber, but for me… I do, it is much nicer specially when I can get as many Free Uber Rides as I can!

So what is Uber…?

Well quite simply, Uber gives the user the ability to either be a driver or a rider… I of course am a rider. Uber gives the rider the ability to request pickup from a taxi, a private car or ride share with other people. Uber connects the rider with the driver in just minutes!

I think the best part of Uber is it can all be done by using their easy to use app and can be used in multiple cities around the world!

The Uber App

Speaking of the Uber App, lets go over just how easy it is to use!

Using the Uber App to get a ride from A to B is as easy is 1, 2, 3! No.. really it is!

1. Request your ride, wait a little bit…
2. Ride to your destination…
3. And pay via your mobile phone right from the app!

Getting Your Free Uber Rides Promo Code

So how is everyone getting these Free Uber Rides and how can you get your Free Uber Ride, or rides for that matter. Only thing is that they do expire after so long!

You can get a Free Uber Ride by using this Uber Promo Code! You get a Free ride worth $20!

Once you sign up you can actually do this exact method to get more Free Uber Rides, or for more information on how you can start getting more, and how a lot of others are doing it to help their friends, family, team, etc… you can comment below asking for more information.

With that said, let Uber be your new way around the city!

Have a great day,
Corey Franklin
Legacy Marketer, Co-Founder of ALL

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