How To Add YouTube Cards To Your Video

YouTube’s New Feature Called Cards

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Wanted to write this quick blog post to share an amazing tool/feature that YouTube just launched about a week ago called Cards.
Now before these “Cards”, we had annotations to drive people to where we wanted and most times they didn’t work anyways… We were also at loss because they didn’t work on mobile devices, but with these new cards… they are visible on mobile devices.

Why You Should Be Using Cards

You should be using cards because with these cards you will be able to grow your traffic, leads and exposure to anything you want… so much more than before with just annotations.

The new YouTube Cards are so…

  • Vibrant
  • They pop

More people need to know about them right now and that is why I am writing and shooting this video for you. So you can be aware of the new feature that will take your channel to a whole new level!

How To Add YouTube Cards To Your Video

So diving right into it, I shot a video I am posting below this that you can use to learn how to start adding Cards to your new videos or old videos. Again I feel it is important for Video Marketers and Marketers in general because with this new feature we will be able to grow our lists, sales, traffic, and clients even..

Pretty AMAZING right?

I thought so as well. Now that you know how to start adding cards to your videos, you will be able to grow your channel and exposure even more than before and if you were having trouble before with producing quality videos with value… you can learn how to start producing quality videos here @ !

Go out there and crush your videos now!

To an abundant lifestyle,
Corey Franklin

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    • That is great K. Lee, videos are one of the best ways to get your content out there in my opinion. If you ever need help with videos let me know I have a product called Video Mastery. Helped people overcome that beginner stage. Thanks again Have a great day!

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