How To Get $0.02+ Engagements With Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are becoming more and more lucrative and more and more people or should I say Marketers are starting to use Facebook Ads to drive traffic to their offers. BUT… are they doing their Facebook Ads right? If not they are paying WAY to much and losing out on potential ROI, AKA – Clients, Customers, Members, Etc.

Facebook Ads

If you have been thinking about doing Facebook Ads or have already been doing them, you know exactly how much potential there is by doing Facebook Ads the right way, with the right targeting, the right copy, the right picture/video, etc.

With Facebook growing by the numbers on a daily basis and over 500 Million users, there is almost an endless amount of potential leads and sales. So it only makes complete sense to tap into that and start growing your own business using the power of Facebook Ads!

Some Of My Recent Facebook Ads Results

So speaking of getting great results with Facebook Ads and How to get $0.02+ engagements and clicks… it is only right that I share that proof with you that I myself have been getting this and just recently got back into using Facebook Ads to gain results in my business.

I was using Facebook Ads before to grow my business and gain results but Facebook updated things since then so wasn’t sure if I was going to get the same results as I once was… well to my best knowledge I did what I learned and was able to gain some great results, once again!

Facebook Ads ResultsAs you can see in the picture, (Blacked out Niche Info) I was able to gain some great traction on this one just 2 days into it. Over 330+ Likes, 60+ Shares and 7+ Comments!

Not bad for the first one in how long!

So I ran another one to test it again andFacebook Ads Results
this one just 1 day into running it started going crazy, getting mass traffic and organic views/engagement. Over 120+ Likes, 50 Shares, 2+ Comments and still growing!

The best part of that is I actually got a SALE right off the bat as well running this one!

TeeChip Sale So you see, the results are amazing for just getting back into it and I wanted to share them with you not only as proof but to say hey, if I can do this then you definitely CAN! The Facebook Ad that got me a sale is still running and continuing to gain results!

How You Can Start Getting $0.02+ Engagements With Your Facebook Ads

So for starters, if you want to start getting better at Facebook Ads and want better results from them you are going to need to invest both time and money into learning more about them but to get you started I can share a few tips with you that will give you some insight on what to do.

You want to start by knowing your audience and who you are going to be targeting, assuming that you already know what it is you are going to be offering them, or running an ad to. Once you do know what your offer is, you are going to want to target that audience the best that you can. From the Age, Sex, and what they like the most. You can also target their behaviors which helps when it comes down to selling something. Aside from that, targeting the area that they will see your ad and everything.

If you are really serious about doing Facebook Ads and want the help needed to get yours rolling, I can offer you the source that I used to learn what I now know.

AZ Beast

You can learn a lot of what I know about Facebook Ads through the training called AZ Beast and it actually teaches you how to get great results with your Facebook Ads, as well as some other info to help you sell on Amazon and more. Here is where you can get AZ Beast! With the training inside of AZ Beast, you will be getting results like mine and much better!!

Remember to live life,
Corey Franklin,
Legacy Marketer & Co-Founder of ALL Mastermind


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