How To Start A WordPress Blog From Scratch

Over the past few years I have been asked multiple times how to create a blog like I did from scratch. So instead of continually helping everyone I figured I would automate the process and create a post/video to help not only those that ask me but those that are searching How To Start A WordPress Blog From Scratch!

Start A WordPress Blog From Scratch Through Planning First

Alright… So before you can do anything you want to plan what you want to base your blog around, which in turn will help make it a success. This is going to be your foundation that you can use to do just more than write on, but that is for a whole other post. So lets look at a strategy, a plan of action that you are going to be able to use to start creating your foundation, aka. blog from scratch and start sharing whatever you want.

  • What will your blogs Primary Niche/Focus be on?(Fashion, Art, Music, Marketing, Business, Fishing, Dancing, etc.)
  • What will your blogs purpose be?(To educate, to entertain, to promote, etc.)
  • How often will you write for your audience?(Once a week, Twice, 3 times, 4 times, etc.)
  • Do you plan on making money with your blog and how?(Marketing, Ads, Your own products, etc.)

These are all things you are going to have to stop and think about for some time and perhaps even do a little research on so that you can properly setup a blog from scratch and have a purpose behind it.

You Can’t Start Your Own Blog Without A Domain & Hosting

Before you can even start creating a blog from scratch, you need to get a domain and hosting. But… before you can do that you have to know what your blog will be about.

Now, some of you may be wondering WHY? when my blog domain name is my name, but that is because I am branding me and in a niche I can. Now you can do the same thing but if you want a lot of traffic coming to your site organically and you want it to rank better, i suggest using one based in your niche. But completely up to you. You can see in the video I did below that I have one as well in a niche that I am going to slowly develop. So you can do whatever.

Now once you know what your blog is going to be about you can start looking for a domain and hosting which won’t cost you much and in long run will help you 100% more because you are in control of it if you keep paying for your hosting. I pay yearly so don’t have to worry about it so much. Lets look at a couple of places that you can get domain and hosting from.

  • You can either check out what I use which is GoDaddy… or,
  • You can use BlueHost, which is another one that i recommend.

There are so many more but those are just 2 of the ones that I recommend, because I know they provide good service and support. At least they have for me, everyone has their own opinion.

How To Start Creating Your WordPress Blog From Scratch

Alright now that you know some of how you are going to go about starting your WordPress blog from scratch… we can look at how you can start creating your very own WordPress Blog from scratch. Below is a video going over this all and will help you visually see how to setup a blog and how I have been doing it which works fine for me.

Once you got your blog all setup, there is only one thing left to do… start creating content and stick to your game plan/strategy you came up with for pushing out new content weekly.

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To an abundant lifestyle,

Corey Franklin, Co-Founder of ALL Mastermind

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