What I.L.I.T. Stands For

Hey there, another great day here and wanted to share my personal thoughts on growing your business and how you can begin to stand out from the average marketer. I know I talk a lot about standing out from the average marketer but you have to rise above all of the noise out there..

So today I wanted to share what I like to call I.L.I.T. with you because I know that this strategy can help you grow your business 10X!!

So what does I.L.I.T. stand for…

I = Invest
L = Learn
I = Implement
T = Teach

With this strategy you are able to instantly start standing out and growing your business because you will be able to help a lot more people with their business as well. As we all know, you will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get it too!

How The I.L.I.T. Strategy Will Help You

I shared a bit on how this is going to help you but lets take a little more in depth look at it.

So above I stated that it will help you grow your business and really it will help you do that by standing out in the marketplace and becoming an expert. As you invest your time/energy and money into learning how to implement something into your business you will grow and you will begin to see better and better results. Once you start seeing those results, you can start teaching it to other entrepreneurs that are following you to help them grow their business as well!

As soon as you start helping more people grow their business you will start to blow up as well!

So many top earners started at the bottom and worked their way up to the top by doing this exact strategy. They invested their time and money into learning how to grow and then they turned around and taught it back to their following and after some time of that they started to have what we call “Celebrity Status” online.

Pretty sure you want to be a top earner or even be producing better content and getting better results and this is one of the best ways you can do this. Lets take a look at the video I did today as well!

My Thoughts On I.L.I.T. & Replay To My Webinar On I.L.I.T.

Now that you know what I.L.I.T. is and how it can help you lets take a look at the video I did on I.L.I.T. today as well.

Pretty crazy value right, I mean before this I ran around with my head cut off… figurativly speaking haha

Like I said before and in the video, you can get a chance to check out the replay of the webby I did not to long ago on I.L.I.T. by heading to “WatchTheReplay” enter your info quick and will instantly be taken to the replay of I.L.I.T. where I share a ton of value!

With that said, I do hope that you got some amazing value from this post and video today and if you are looking to learn more about me or ALL the community I am Co-founding, you can do so by heading to “ALL“..

To an abundant lifestyle,
Corey Franklin

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