It Came From Her Heart!

A Bond That Lasts Forever!

Hey Family and Friends,

Corey here and I wanted to share with you all how much my girlfriend loves me.
The other day, I logged onto Facebook to see a post from my gorgeous girlfriend Brooke on my timeline and was getting a lot of attention fast!

Well instead of writing it all out I am just going to share it word for word with you all by pasting it in here below.

<3 A Lovely Surprise <3

Brooke Neari,
“I am so proud of you honey!¬†

I have watched you go through struggle and struggle just to get to the place that we’re at now and with every struggle you faced, you took those experiences and turned them into pure knowledge and wisdom..I honestly think it’s amazing and hope to someday learn myself exactly how you do this with every situation you find yourself facing…I think that partly it is because you strive for this knowledge,
you are hungry for that wisdom,
you crave that ultimate success, and you sure do work your ass off to get it!

This is exactly what separates you from the rest of the world.
You dream bigger than most people would ever dare or think possible..
You take your knowledge and personal development more seriously than most people in this industry ever will..
You are skilled in so many different niches and areas that are within this business..& last but not least,
You are a GREAT leader who is always willing to help and teach others, regardless if they’re on our team or not..

You are going to be so HUGE in this industry soon. You’re going to change so many people’s lives for the better and you’re going to be such a huge success. I see it everyday in just how much effort and time that you alone put into this business..I promise you, it will all payoff and it will be worth it in the end.

Seriously¬†Corey, you’ve always been the most incredible man that I have ever set my eyes on and I love you so much.¬†
I am SO proud of you for growing into the positive and outstanding person that you are today. You have more motivation and drive than anyone I know and that alone is going to help you achieve the success that you deserve..”

That is what I logged onto and am grateful of her, more than she knows. I love her so very much that the word love really can’t even describe it. However, that is the word I know so I will continue to use it.


Thanks for reading everyone and may you enjoy the rest of your day,
Corey Franklin

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