My Facebook Ads Experience (Before & After)

My Facebook Ads Experience

Hey there, happy Friday! Hope you had a great week and are ready for another great one!

I wanted to write today’s post to share with you the results I have been able to achieve after learning what I learned. When we first get started with ads we may not have a clue about it or what we are doing and below I will be showing proof of what I mean.

See I was spending a ridiculously large amount on ads and not getting any results back from it. I mean I didn’t know what to do, so I just stopped with the ads. Put them to the back of my mind and started focusing more on what was working for me.

Than I got a little more experienced and saw that people were getting the best results you can possibly get with ads on Facebook. They were getting $0.00 cent clicks and engagements.

Before I Learned What I know Now

So diving right into it before I knew what I know now. I was getting horrible results. Let me show you.

(Right click and “open in new tab” to see them more clearly)



As you can see I was spending over a dollar a click. O.O

Those are insane results and no one would have paid that if they knew what they were doing. Here is another one.



As you can see in that one as well, I was spending $1.00 per click as well. Now maybe you are saying that is good but if you look at it from a mathematical point of view… it is horrible.

And here is why… As you can see I spent $20 total on that ad. That is 20 clicks that I got. Looking at it from a mathematical point of view… you got 20 clicks for 20 bucks. What is the normal odds of someone converting from that click? Well 1 in maybe 1 in 20 people will continue forward creating either a lead or a sale on your end. So maybe I got 1 conversion, is it worth the $20 you spent on ads to get that one sale?

Most likely it is not. You have to make sure that you are not running crap ads. Easy way to tell and that is by how much you are spending per engagement or per click. Lets take a look at what some of my results were like after I learned what I know now.


After I learned How To Properly Set Up An Ad

So lets dive right in and take a look at what my results are like now.



As you can see I was getting 1 cent clicks and engagements on this one ad. That is a long way from paying $1.00!! Lets look at one more..



This is one of the best ones I have gotten so far, and am completely amazed by these results. Working on duplicating them now and have to say it is working so far. With this one I was able to get some $0.00 cent engagements and likes from it. As you can see I got over 680+ engagements for one $5.94 in ad spend so that comes out to an extra 100 engagements and clicks for free.

If you are looking to learn this and want to start rocking out with a team of highly motivated people that are constantly boosting each other up… than I want you to head to AZBEAST if you are dead serious about taking it to the next level. If for some reason you cannot afford to get this training, you can contact me @ Facebook, and we can talk about other ways, like hiring me to teach you…

To an abundant lifestyle,
Corey Franklin

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  1. I was a FB ad dummy until January. The value shared from community leaders is irreplaceable. Thanks for sharing this information on FB advertising.

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