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Caring More About Their Needs Before Your Own

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In today’s blog post I want to share a closing/recruiting question with you. The reason I want to share this with you is because I just recently told someone this and it helped them so I wanted to share it with everyone else as I feel it will help you if you don’t already know this powerful question. But before I go into the powerful closing question, I want to share a couple important things that are needed before you can ask this question.

The first important thing I want to share with you is having a mindset of putting others needs before your own needs. What I mean by that is in this industry our own needs matter but not as much as the persons we are trying/wanting to help. You always have to put their needs before your own so you can better help them with their problems or issues.

When we have the mindset of helping others with their needs before our own we are able to better listen and understand them as well. While you are talking with them and helping them better understand their issue and solving it, you are also building rapport with them and that is what we are talking about in the next section, the second important thing to have before asking this question.

Building The Rapport First

So the second thing that is important is to build rapport with the person you’re talking to. As I said above, if you are talking and helping while actually listening to them and their issues then you are already building rapport. Rapport is simply connecting with the person and learning more about them but at the same time you are learning about them, they are learning about you as well.

Rapport = Getting to know someone.

With the right amount of rapport you will know what their problems are and how you can be of an assistance to them.

The Powerful Closing Question

Now that you have built some rapport with them you can start offering a solution to their problem.

That solution may be your offer or service and if so you may be stuck with what or how to close them in. The truth is that it isn’t that hard once you know them and what their issues are, because once you know that you can determine if you can really help them or not, if not don’t act like you can. Point them in the direction of someone who really can. You are still helping them in the sense and still is good for you in long run.

If you are good at closing and aren’t having trouble than grats to you, share it with the world and help your team duplicate.

If you are not that good and believe you can be better that awesome, because the truth is we can always get better at anything.

So the big powerful question I mention throughout this blog is in the video I shot today below.

Network Marketing Closing Question: “Would you be open to another opportunity (or offer/service) if it didn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing?”

I mean how powerful is that question? I am grateful that the leaders above me have shared this with us all and that is how I have learned this, and wanted to share it with the world. This can help you a ton if you use it properly, and if you already knew then that is great.. you know the power of it.

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