Part-Time Versus Full-Time

Part-Time Versus Full-Time

In today’s video I talk about working online part-time versus full-time. See when you are working
online just part-time, then you need to make sure you schedule your time so that the few hours you
do have a day are spent working efficiently. I remember when I got started I wasted several hours a
day watching videos and reading stuff that had nothing to do with building a future for myself.
It wasn’t until I got serious about working online and building a legacy that I stopped wasting so
much time online and started using it to be more productive.

Full-Time people working online, just have to make sure they schedule their time and don’t spend
way to much of your time watching pointless videos, spend that time increasing your wisdom and
marketing skills.

To an abundant lifestyle,
Corey Franklin

2 thoughts on “Part-Time Versus Full-Time

  1. You really do need to schedule learning time vs taking massive action time. Especially for those just starting out and only having part time hours to get their business off the ground. Thanks Corey….

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