“I’m TOO LIT” or “That’s TOO LIT”, and now “LIT AF”… Lit is a phrase that is becoming more and more catchy!

I am sure you say this and that is why you are looking to get your hands on a LIT Shirt or Lit T-shirt for that matter and now you can with rush shipping even. You can see below are a couple of images of Lit t shirts. I’m pretty sure that you want to be one of the first among your friends that is repping a Lit shirt of any kind or maybe you already are and are just looking for some more to start rocking! Well I seen these ones and just had to share them!

Get Your Hands On Some “TOO LIT” Gear

These are just getting started and there will eventually be a bit more gear to choose from but for now there are t-shirts, a flow tank and a hoodie.

You can see the shirts by clicking the image to the left and for the flow tank and hoodie, click the image to the right.

Too_lit_shirt_black1 Too_lit_shirt_black2

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