VBC or… Value Based Content

Why You Should Be Sharing Value Based Content

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Wanted to share a post and video with you all today on VBC which is short for Value Based Content, why sharing Value Based Content is important, and how to obtain it or gain your own value that you can then share back to your own following in your own words/terms.

So lets take a look at why you should be sharing value based content… now there are many reasons but we will be just looking at a few of them.

1 MAJOR benefit to getting your own value based content out there into the world is to help as many people as you can with it, because there is always someone watching and following you… even if they don’t speak up at first.. While you are providing value, you are growing your following and TRUST with in your followers. Another great benefit to providing value based content is the fact that you have content out there automatically helping and teaching others how to get over their obstacles but with a lot less trouble and issues!

With that said… lets take a look at how you can start to gain and create your own value based content!

How To Gain Your Own Value To Create VBC

So now you know a few great benefits to sharing your own Value Based Content and we can look at how to start gaining your own to start sharing!

In the video below I share this as well but a few ways you can start to gain your own value to recreate is to start taking notes on what you learn. There are multiple ways you can start to take notes on everything you learn. From writing in the books you read (which I suggest reading every day), to notes from audios you listen to, notes from the videos you watch, you can also take notes or capture the screen/take screen shots of the live webinars or hangouts that you attend. There area  ton of more ways that you can start gaining knowledge to turn around and dish back as value to your own following, you just have to look for it. :)

My Video On VCB – Value Based Content

Alright lets take a look at my video I also did today on Value Based Content, or VBC!

As you can see I went a little more in depth with it here to maybe help clarify some confusion or anything at all.

I feel it is important for people to share what they learn, because others can learn from it as well! I mean that is how a lot of successful people became successful, was by listening and learning from mistakes.

With that said, go out there and create your value based on what you just learned here. Share it in your own words and what your take away’s were on this blog post. If you did get some value from this, comment below let me know you did so that way I know to keep doing blogs like this.

To an abundant lifestyle,
Corey Franklin
Legacy Marketer/Co-Founder of ALL Mastermind

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