We Got Called A Power Couple!

We Got Called A Power Couple!

Hey there, hope you are having a great day! Wanted to take a few minutes to write this quick blog post to share this video with you of Brooke and myself talking about how we feel that we are being called a power couple inside of MNU or Marketing and Networking University! We talk about how it felt to be called a power couple, we talk about how we plan on crushing this year and how we plan on bringing our team ALL, with us… That is what it is all about in my opinion and I get more enjoyment out of seeing someone else succeed than succeeding myself, because it shows me that I did something right and not only do they succeed but so do we when we help them.

Not only do we talk about all of that but we talk about our team and how it has been going so far and how we have all been able to gain momentum with ALL! This is the fastest growing team we have started, people are seeing duplication and we even gained another co-founder by the name of Frederick! He is amazing and has been helping us grow a movement with ALL! Maybe you’re asking yourself what ALL stands for and that is simple… ALL stands for Abundant Lifestyle Leadership. We explain more about it in the video below and why we went with that name.

Check out the video below where talk more about this. Just a relaxed video where we share our thoughts and personality LOL…

Looking to become part of the team? We would love to work with you as well, we are always looking to help more people gain titles like this and start seeing massive success online. Click HERE and lets get you plugged in right away!

To an abundant lifestyle,
Corey Franklin

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