What Is MNU

My Honest Review of MNU – Marketing and Networking University

MNU’s Training and Tools allow you to really start learning and earning at the same time.

MNU or Marketing and Networking University is ahead of the game when it comes to earning and learning online. That is because MNU’s aim is to be the go-to company, one of the top in the industry and that is why MNU offers what most don’t. They offer a way for marketers to educate themselves and really drive their passion and motivation to further develop their knowledge, skills, vision, and financial situation. It is MNU’s aim to ensure that they deliver the highest quality of service, guidance and support to those taking an interest in MNU or simply looking to utilize MNU’s services or products.

Marketing and Networking University is highly dedicated to helping as many people as possible in the 97% failure rate to start seeing the success that they dream about. MNU has a strong vision for the people and students that want to be something bigger. One of the biggest things I seen in MNU is they are charitable and donate to those that are less fortunate than we are. Check out more of MNU’s Vision.

MNU was founded on the idea of people being able to create a lifestyle that they can enjoy while sharing how they came up and what they went through for struggles in their journey to greater success.

What Does MNU Provide

Marketing and Networking University provides affiliates and customers the ability to go from not knowing or gaining anything to a professional by using the tools and training that MNU offers as well as the training that Instructors add into MNU.

Lets take a little look at what MNU offers you…

MNU Student Viral Blogging System
The MNU Student Viral Blogging System is second to none when it comes to flexibility, power, attractiveness and technology.
MNU blogging system is equippedmnvblogging-300x195with everything the students need to dominate the internet and stand out from the pack.

System Features Include:

  • SEO optimized software
  • Sales Funnel, Pre-launch and legal page Builder
  • Lead capture & Auto-responder
  • List building technology
  • Customizable theme
  • Web Shop

MNU Course Creation Center (CCC)
The MNU Course Creation Centre (CCC) is an industry first and they’re damn proud of it.
The CCC allows the students to become the teachers and create courses mnucourse_creation_center_product-300x195on the front end and provide value to either their team or fellow students of MNU. This system is extremely powerful and allows the students to be recognized more among their peers and public.

Features Include:

  • Create Video or Written Courses
  • Set the number of students
  • Create tests & quizzes
  • Award badges & Certificates
  • No boundaries on any particular niche

MNU Product Housing & Advertisement 
As a student of MNU, you’ll have the ability to have your personal products housed within our shop and
be available for public purchase.  Along with product HousingFullPackage1housing is advertisement, so not only will your products be housed, but receive the added benefit of  advertisement on your products and courses you create. Your products and courses will be advertised throughout MNU and on our homepage which automatically updates with new and top rated products and courses. This gives students the ability to leverage the SEO power of MNU.

Benefits Include:

  • Free Housing
  • Free Advertising
  • Increased Sales
  • Increased Exposure

Plus so much more including MNU’s very own Social Network to connect and mastermind with like minded people right inside #ThePeoplesPlatform!

MNU Social Network
MNU has added it’s own social networking system to allow the students to connect, mastermind, and build new relationships with other fellow marketers and like minded entrepreneurs. This is actually quite massive as it allows the students to form new business partners and grow their business more!

System Features Include:

  • Create A Profile
  • Chat Bar
  • View Site-Wide Activity
  • Message Students
  • Post Status Updates
  • Create Groups
  • Create Topics In The Forum Center

Marketing and Networking University have integrated their own social network to allow you to interact  and connect with fellow students of MNU.
Like other major social networks you have the ability to chat, message, create groups, check notifications, comment and create topics and threads inside the community forum.

MNU Affiliate Program 

banner1_enrolltoday336x280 The MNU Affiliate Program offers the students and others the ability to earn an income. Not going into that to much but if you  are really interested in 100% Commissions you can CLICK HERE to find out more now!

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