Why I Joined MNU

My Background With Companies

Greetings everyone, Corey Franklin here and before I go into what MNU is and why I joined MNU… I wanted to share a little bit of my background with other companies and the consistency I have had with them.

So as some of you already know, I got started in this industry around 3 years back and fell in love with it that day. Now of course when we all start off it is a little rocky as we learn the ropes of the network marketing industry. I started off grabbing and feeding into the cheap training that tends to leave someone more confused than trained. After doing that for the first few months I came across the first company that I joined. Now I am not mentioning any company names however this company had great training there was no support from teams or anything like that, yes I could have made it work but that is not what I wanted to do. So after finding someone to really guide me, he transferred over to another company and I followed.

When I joined this new company, that is when the magic started to begin for me. It was amazing how I instantly clicked with everyone in this company, including the co-founders. The training they had inside was outstanding and I was gaining mass amounts of knowledge and skills from it all. Brooke (my love of 3 years now) also joined my side in this company, we were able to win contests, go to live events, get on the leaderboards a few times, met 6-8 figure earners and more, most importantly though we were able to help a lot of other people experience this as well.

So all in all we were with this company and still are with this company, coming up on 2 years with them. We joined them in the very beginning and stood by there side, consistently helping others see how great their training really is. Why I share that with you is because I want everyone to understand that we don’t just join random companies or hop from one to another. We consistently build with it and stay apart of it from start to finish!

What Is MNU

MNU – Marketing and Networking University

So what is MNU? MNU stands for Marketing and Networking University! The 1st of its kind in this industry!

MNU – Marketing and Networking University is as I said one of the first of its kinds and the reason behind that is because of what MNU has to offer to the new and experienced marketer. The co-founders of MNU wanted people to be able to learn while earning, they wanted people to be able to easily find the training,  understand it, and be able to run with it. The way MNU is set up is exactly as the name states, sort of like an online university for marketers and is actually quite amazing in my opinion.

The way it was structured and organized will help every new person that joins the university find exactly what they are looking for. The co-founders wanted to create a platform where people who are new to the industry, and experienced can come to get the right training and be part of a community that is really driven to helping others succeed.

I will be going over what MNU has to offer and a complete review of it in another post but for now I want to share a little about it.

Some of what MNU has to offer to everyone:

  • The Course Creation Center; where you will be able to find courses put together by MNU, Lecturers and fellow students to educate you on marketing and other various niches on and offline. Not to mention that you can create your own courses to help other fellow students and your own team.
  • Student Social Network; where fellow students can connect and post threads for other fellow students to read, like, comment, etc..
  • The Student Viral Blog; this student blogging system is top of the line in the industry. Marketers will be able to brand themselves, generate traffic, capture leads, create sales pages, build a list, send emails to that list, and monitor your blogs stats!

That is just a little bit of what MNU has to offer its students. Like I said I will be doing an in depth review of MNU at a later time so make sure you check back to read the full review.

Why I Joined MNU

Now lets look at why I joined MNU…

As I stated above, I am consistent with what I join and never really was someone to join new opportunities, but MNU is different. One of the reasons why MNU is different is because I am good friends with the co-founders and have been watching them build MNU over the last several months. Putting their blood, sweat, and tears into MNU so that everyone else has a place to call home online. (we all know these sayings) :)
So I know what has gone into building it and why it was founded.

Anyways, the reason I joined was because of how clean the university is, and how dedicated it really is to the new and experienced marketers. While I was watching it be built and continually talking with them over time I knew that this was something I wanted to be in on from the ground floor so that I could be a pillar of the community over time. I knew that bringing a team into MNU would be one of the best aspects because of how simple it will be to earn while they are learning which in the long run equals longevity of them staying in and growing a team as well. Another reason that I joined was because with MNU I can add my own courses in for my team to use and learn from, I also joined because you can add your own products as well. There are a lot of reasons why I joined but mainly because I just knew that this is somewhere I belong. . .

Like I said, stay tuned to see the full review I will be doing shortly!

To an abundant lifestyle,
Corey Franklin

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      You are welcome, glad you liked it and yeah there is a lot more than what I shared in this post I plan on doing an in-depth review of it later on. Have a great day!

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