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What Is A Social Profile

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In this blog post/video I go over your social profile and some of the methods to setting it up properly so that you can stick out from the everyday marketer and begin attracting leaders and higher motivated people.

So what is a social profile? That is your personal profile on every social network. Your personal profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.. Now that we know what our social profile is, lets dive into the set up and video below.

Your Social Profile Set Up

Okay, below is a video of me going over the steps needed to set up your profile properly and I also talk a little about what to post as well.

I am also going to write out what I went through here for those of you that would like to follow along with the video.

Alright so in the video above I share with you all a few simple changes and methods you can act on to start attracting motivated leaders to you and really start to stand out from other marketers online. Not only that but you are branding yourself and not the company. So lets get right into this!

I start off by talking about your Facebook profile and how you should have a REAL photo of you or you and someone else as your profile pic. I than go on to talk about how far to many people are using company pics as their cover photos when that is wrong. See the cover photo shouldn’t be a company photo or anything, because that is just giving more branding to the company and you want to be branding yourself as a leader and someone of interest in this industry. So use a lifestyle photo, something of what you did or a milestone like I mention in the video. I also state that you can get a nice cover photo made for you at Fiverr or maybe even Odesk.

I than talk about how your about me should be with real events that took place in your life. School you went to and where you studied. Your followers, photos you have, friends you have, places you have been. Now with places, I talk about how you should share the important places that you go to like events and more milestones in your business/career. I share that you should have some books that you read and how notes are a great way to keep a value based post on your page on the left side.

Next I go into how you can use Instagram to share your lifestyle more and what you do on a daily basis, some inspirational quotes, etc. Profile set up is the same as Facebook. Profile pic, cover photo, etc. Always share value!

Twitter is the same thing,  profile pic, cover pic, post/share value.

Linkedin is the same as well.

Now when I say share value, I am talking about training and info that will help people move forward in life and business. Post value from what you learn. Take notes and shoot a little video 2-5 minutes of your take on that training.

It really comes down to what you post and how you present yourself to the world. Share what you learn and share your lifestyle and it will help you excel forward in your life and business.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and make sure to enter your info to the right to get a free video on 7 Free lead sources and to stay up to date with new training’s.

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